Partnering to create options

22 Nov 2022

Sitting outside the Boys Learning Centre at NRL Cowboys House, it’s not lost on Wilson Security’s Christie Denmead how the company and House partner is contributing to the development and success of the Indigenous boarding students who call this place home.

“Education is what gives you options in life,” Christie said, as the Regional Operations Manager reflected on their naming partnership with the dedicated learning centre on the Boys Campus.

“When you go on to finish year 12, you have so many more opportunities with your career path.

“I think most people don’t find their ultimate career when they’re 17 – we can all have 3 or 4 different careers – but having that education to fall back on gives you so many more options in life versus finishing too early where lots of doors close to you until you rectify that.

“These students here are changing the pathway that the next generation of young people will be able to see is available to them.”

Wilson Security’s support of the Boys Learning Centre spans three years, in a partnership that contributes directly to the education outcomes of boys at NRL Cowboys House.

The learning centre is a hub of activity every afternoon as students return from school or sport and knuckle down to study, with their hopes and dreams of university, trades or full-time employment fostered daily.

Supporting careers through education is a consistent theme for Wilson Security who run their own security training program, Making Tracks, which is funding the training and licensing for Indigenous candidates to become security officers.

Participants are financially supported to complete a Certificate II in Security Operations, obtain their security licence and access public transport and meals.

It’s a program that’s proving extremely popular as a pathway to a new and exciting career for many North Queenslanders and will provide further opportunities for students at the House thanks to the learning centre partnership.

For Wilson Security’s Indigenous Engagement Officer Justin Jones, their program and passionate support of NRL Cowboys House runs far deeper than being a corporate recruitment drive – it’s about creating real outcomes and creating meaningful opportunities for young Indigenous Australians.

“Wilson Security acknowledge that people are going to leave our company, and we will absolutely celebrate anyone who will leave our company for a bigger, better job,” he said.

“But even if it’s used as just a stepping stone at this stage for these students to move on to bigger or better things, we will celebrate that with them because that’s a win for us.

“Right now, we’re working with a range of schools to get some of these kids who want to go to university who need a part-time job, into these security roles, so we can support them as well on their way through.

“Security is such a great opportunity because it’s so diverse.”

Wilson Security provides security solutions for clients across a range of industries throughout Australia including defence security, resources, retail, education and more.

Their involvement in the community space is about investing in the organisation’s future and growth by embracing opportunities to empower communities through education, training and employment, as much as it is about growing a workforce.

Making Tracks graduate and Torres Strait Islander, Tre Upkett-Nelliman said Wilson Security’s commitment to supporting career pathways for First Nations people could provide life-changing opportunities for NRL Cowboys House students, just as it did for him.

“Just do it, if you want to build that confidence, learn different types of skills, do it because that’s what I’ve taken from it,” he said.

“It’s a different career choice, before joining I was working at schools and before and after school care as an educator.

“In childcare you’re looking after kids and responsible for their safety, it can be kind of the same thing with patrons and security but it’s also completely different – it’s just a whole new field if you’re keen to try something different.”

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