ARC hearts on our sleeve

07 Jun 2024

Our wonderful NRL Cowboys House partner ARC - The Australian Reinforcing Company give new meaning to 'wearing your heart on your sleeve'. 

ARC are back in 2024 on the sleeve of our official 'Nhinhinhi' House polo, launched with the presentation of shirts to the students and insights on the design and experience from artist Bradley Michael. 

Gratitudes to ARC's John Reeves and Nathan Stolz for attending, with John sharing some thoughts on the partnership: 

"Being a partner of the NRL Cowboys House is such a rewarding part of my job and an initiative ARC is really proud to contribute to. Over the past two years, it's been great to witness the students grow and develop, both in their education and as individuals. 

"Knowing that we help to provide opportunities that they might not have had otherwise is incredibly fulfilling. I can’t wait to see their continued development and growth this year through the House and eventually as they enter the workforce. 

"The values of the House align closely with ARC's corporate social responsibility goals and commitment to our local communities, whilst also providing opportunities for collaboration and networking within the broader community. 

"Seeing the ARC logo on the polos gives us a great sense of pride, knowing that our company is actively involved in initiatives that make a difference in the lives of young Indigenous Australians." 

The House polo is proudly worn by students, staff, partners and supporters, and all proceeds from sales support our life-changing programs, thanks to the Cowboys Leagues Club.

Get yours today from the Cowboys Team Shop.