AMA show their passion

30 Jun 2022
AMA Group is a long-term partner of NRL Cowboys House and signed up for a 50-50 Charity Raffle corporate experience in 2022.

Here Martin Dickinson, AMA Group Panel Division Area Manager North Qld gives his thoughts on the volunteering opportunity.

My AMA Group Team found the whole experience fantastic. AMA Group is a large corporate business, and it really got everyone talking about the opportunities we have in partnering with the Cowboys Community Foundation. It was just great for the FNQ Team.  

It was a great team-building exercise and although some were a little nervous at first, they soon relaxed and got into their groove. We all really enjoyed the friendly competition amongst the volunteers. 

I had several goals I wanted to achieve from our participation on the night.

More than anything, I wanted the AMA Group Team to beat the record for most money raised, which gave the Team a challenge to work towards and a real sense of achievement at the end.

On a more personal level, my goal was to bring three sites together creating One AMA Team. 

It was a great advertisement for us as a company, showing we are passionate around supporting the local community.

Being on the big screens before the game and during half-time, plus the recognition of AMA Group during the commentator’s speech and the shout out to our apprentices who came from the House was just fantastic. 

We love being a part of the House, as we have similar morals in creating opportunity and building better lives.

The work you do really sets the young men and women up to be ready for the workplace which we have seen in Eli and Chad coming through.

They are already achieving great success in the industry, and I know they will carry on doing so.

We are very passionate about the work you do and look forward to providing more opportunity to your students in the coming years. 

I would really encourage other businesses to get on board as you work hard with your partners to get great outcomes. It is about so much more than just the funds provided.

Many of us have taken tours of the House and attended your events - and every time, our people are amazed by the achievements of the people at the House.

Overall, it is a fantastic Foundation, which I am a massive advocate of and would recommend to any business. As more partners come on board it will create a bigger community as each can help each other in their respective industries. 

We look forward to being partners for many years to come. 

A few bullet points of what the 50-50 experience did for us: 
  • Great team-building exercise
  • Builds confidence within the team to approach customers
  • Great feel-good factor with achieving goals set
  • Friendly competition
  • Great advertisement
  • Helps support the House

Thank you to Martin and the AMA team for their amazing support!