The Cowboys Try for 5! program is an inter-school challenge, designed to address short and long term impacts of students missing foundation learning in their primary years through poor school attendance.

Poor school attendance has been linked to lower academic outcomes, early school leaving, substance abuse, poverty, unemployment and negative health outcomes.

The program motivates and rewards individual classes and schools for their attendance record during the challenge period, and engages students and families using the club’s profile and ambassadors.

Try for 5! is structured to:

• Reinforce a positive school culture
• Communicate high expectations of attendance
• Record and follow-up student absences and provide support where required


Balaclava State School
Bloomfield River State School
Cairns West State School
Cooktown State School
Garbutt State School
Heatley State School
Townsville West State School
Townview State School
Vincent State School
Western Cape College – Weipa
Western Cape College – Mapoon
White Rock State School
Woree State School
Wulguru State School