2017 celebrations!

NRL Cowboys House

NRL Cowboys House celebrates 2017 with friends…

The valuable contribution of the Friends of NRL Cowboys House was acknowledged in an intimate ceremony celebrating the program’s inaugural year.

Some images used on this page comprise original artwork that has been applied under licence from the copyright owner, Mr Albert Bosen. Cowboys acknowledges Mr Bosen’s assistance, sensitivity and generosity in allowing his artwork to be used in this way.

Cowboys and Johnathan and Samantha Thurston acknowledge the intrinsic value of Indigenous artwork, because it reflects the stories, culture, traditions and customs of Indigenous people. Mr Albert Bosen’s artwork, referred to on this page, is a beautiful example of that value and his sharing, as a custodian and spiritual keeper of the stories, cultural traditions and customs of his people, of his artwork with us is respected and highly valued. Cowboys and Johnathan and Samantha Thurston acknowledge – as should all Australians – that the improper or unauthorised use of Indigenous artwork, in any form, is disrespectful and hurtful to the people represented by that artwork.