Students will develop important leadership and guidance skills as they place ‘service above self’ in pursuit of becoming school and community leaders through the NRL Cowboys House Interact Club.

Following an inauguration by the Rotary Club of Townsville Sunrise, the 23 founding student members of the House Interact Club join an international cohort of more than 340,000 ‘Interactors’ in nearly 15,000 clubs, across 145 countries.

The inauguration event saw House students and staff connect with local and district Rotary members over breakfast at the Girls Campus, allowing the student committee to introduce themselves.

General Manager Rochelle Jones was presented with a certificate of organisation and plaques for each campus commemorating the forming of the club, while the club student committee was presented with their membership certificates.

How will it operate?

Interact clubs are responsible for organising at least two projects each year, helping their school or community and promoting international understanding.

Rotary Club of Townsville Sunrise and NRL Cowboys House staff will mentor and guide our Interactors, including the organising committee of Kody Rogers (President), Jaylee Linden (Vice President), Larnie Mara (Secretary) and Leland Michael (Treasurer).

The House Interact club is split into four groups with each focusing on a different project:


Committee: Fred Mick, Leland Michael, Kody Rogers, Tshak Daniels-Misi, Jaylen McMullen

The Finance group is working towards developing personal and business financial literacy, with a goal of transferring knowledge and skills to support others in the community.

A pie van donated by Rotary Club of Townsville Sunrise will be used by students to learn the practicalities of small business operation.


Committee: Rahu Mara, August Smith, Larnie Mara, Savannah de Bosch, Connor Rogers

The Community Service group is commencing work on making crocheted teddy bears to send to local kids in Doomadgee, building stronger ties with the remote Indigenous community.


Committee: Jaylee Linden, Joan Toby, Tanya Toby, Eliahna Tabuai, Paleta Binawei, Amaziah Ah Wing

Still in its planning phase, the International group has been approached by a company based in Canada to take part in a global Indigenous Perspectives Group which is currently in development.

The group will also be making contact with other Interact and Rotary groups to make connections outside Australia.


Committee: Ralph Sam, Kentaro Sabatino, Peah Messa, Philip Sam, Donny Patrick, Telu Joe, Denzel Daniels-Misi

The Club group works closely with the three other groups, finding opportunities to promote and support each group and the different activities they’re working on.

Pivotal support from Rotary

Rotary District Governor Martti Kankkunen (District 9560) said Rotary, the parent network of more than 1.4million people globally for adults, has always been interested in engaging young people who can become the future of Rotary clubs.

“We have to think of others before we think of ourselves, and I think through Interact, (students) will learn that through local projects in the school area, the community and in international projects,” he said.

“You get to know how good it feels when you actually achieve something and you make somebody smile.

“I am really happy to see that students have great support from the (boarding) school here, from the community and from sponsoring Rotary clubs.

“While they’re doing it, students are going to be learning time management skills, leadership skills and have to work as a team – and the team results are everything, it’s not about what you did but it’s what the team did.”

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