Students get cooking for children’s charity

NRL Cowboys House staff are very familiar with cooking for over 100 hungry young people, so it was a full circle experience for students who helped put on breakfast for 150 to kick-start the 2022 Adventure Kings Variety 4WD Adventure.

A committed group of students and staff rose well before the sun to prepare, cook and serve a delicious barbecue breakfast with all the trimmings.

It was the perfect launch for event participants who would spend the next two weeks travelling to the Cape, traversing inland through Chillagoe, Laura, and Bramwell Station before returning south along the coast through Coen and Cooktown, to finish in Port Douglas in support of House partner Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Teams raised over $5,000 each to take part and support sick and disadvantaged children and children living with a disability.

The 2022 Adventure Kings Variety 4WD Adventure acts as a precursor to the nationally renowned and wildly popular Variety Bash from August to September, with the use of modern 4WDs allowing the group to travel to regions not possible in Bash cars.

Variety invited NRL Cowboys House to be part of the farewell event through their partnership supporting the Girls Campus Learning Centre, to help show participants the impact of their fundraising.

CEO of Variety – the Children’s Charity of Queensland, Steve Wakerley said the 4WD adventure would pass through many of the regions and communities that NRL Cowboys House students call home.

“To come and see some of the kids from NRL Cowboys House and learn about the impact participants are having with their fundraising locally is so important, and they’re not just impacting on Townsville but the Cape and Indigenous communities in the Cape,” he said.

“I think many city folk probably don’t understand some of the challenges that exist in the Cape and in our Indigenous communities.

“These sorts of events, where our participants get to meet and spend time with traditional owners in these areas, really break down barriers and change perceptions.”

The Girls Campus Learning Centre, supported by Variety, was first established in 2019 and provides support for 50 young women from remote Indigenous communities, including after-school tutoring and education opportunities to help the students succeed at school.

Mr Wakerley said Variety first jumped on board with NRL Cowboys House after their approach impressed him on a visit.

“The House staff care for these kids and their passion and drive to make a difference in each individual’s life is really obvious, even more so for us when we’re trying to impact on kids.

“What really hits home to me is the holistic approach to really developing the whole of the young person, not just as a boarding facility where they can come and stay for the time they go to school, but to making a difference in each aspect of their life from employment opportunities to becoming an adult.”

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