Term 2 focus on healthy body, healthy minds

The NRL Cowboys House halls are alive with the sound of students again as 100 excited teens return to their ‘home away from home’ this week, with a strong focus on health and wellbeing setting the tone for term 2.

The push to encourage healthy minds and bodies will be at the forefront at the House, and sport, fitness and cooking were popular ‘downtime’ activities during week one.

Despite some very late wet-season downpours, students started their days with fitness activities including boxing and beep tests, while others were put to work on the barbecue to prepare and cook breakfast, ensuring the best possible start to a day of learning.

Year 8 student Peah Messa (Yorke Island) showed how a strong mind can lead to great outcomes, and was rewarded by her school, Kirwan State High for 100% attendance and showing gratitude and positive behaviour in class.

We’re looking forward to watching our students continue their journey this term!




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