Overcoming their nerves, NRL Cowboys House students Savanah De Bosch and Peah Messa displayed confidence and poise as they welcomed representatives from Corporate Travel Management (CTM) and CBRE – foundation partners of a new Women’s Empowerment Program.

Presenting official House polo shirts to the partners, both students showed there is growing leadership potential throughout the Girls Campus where the program will be introduced, to allow the young women to feel empowered in achieving their goals.

In an exciting first for the House, CTM have teamed up with commercial real estate services company CBRE in a joint partnership that will support the establishment of the program.

Delivered by House staff, the Women’s Empowerment Program will incorporate a range of targeted activities and workshops, while also engaging external guest speakers to share inspiring stories and experiences.

Building on their ongoing relationship as a Friend of the House, CTM are aspiring to continue their support of students above and beyond a financial contribution, taking a hands-on approach in line with the previous delivery of learning-based activities.

CTM General Manager (Queensland) Craig Southee said their focus is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from remote communities to access an education otherwise out of reach, aligning with the purpose of NRL Cowboys House.

“Being a service-driven industry, our focus is on people, and becoming a foundation member of the Women’s Empowerment Program has strong alignment with our culture,” he said.

“The program and its learning modules have been tailored to a variety of age groups who will take advantage of such a unique program. Our aim is to provide young, First Nations women with a learning platform aimed at growing confidence, leadership and making good choices.

“We have a vision that we can support opportunities of primary and secondary school education through to TAFE and subsequent employment in the travel industry.”

Supporting NRL Cowboys House for the first time, CBRE first learnt about the work of NRL Cowboys House through business partner CTM, who shared with them the community and social outcomes of the House.

CBRE Chief Financial Officer Pacific Fiona Keys said the Women’s Empowerment Program provides an opportunity for CBRE to support Indigenous girls, aligning with their mission to advance cultural and gender equality.

“We see the Women’s Empowerment Program as an opportunity for girls at NRL Cowboys House to discuss issues that do – and will – affect them, including gender and cultural stereotypes and biases,” she said.

“It will help them develop skills to build resilience and confidence in the face of these challenges, and identify personal and professional pathways for success in whatever they choose to do.

“NRL Cowboys House’s deep roots supporting Indigenous communities throughout Queensland and focus on empowering the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children has made a huge impact and it’s so inspiring to work with an organisation that’s achieving such positive, measurable impacts in our communities.”

NRL Cowboys House has nurtured and celebrated the achievements of 34 graduates since it began operations in 2017, with students from 23 remote communities attending 11 partner schools in Townsville in 2022.


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