Brand new kicks have helped NRL Cowboys House students hit the ground running for the new school year thanks to the generous donation of footwear from Friend of the House, INTERSPORT.

As part of their long-term support for NRL Cowboys House, the team at INTERSPORT Currajong went to work measuring and fitting athletic shoes as part of the students’ uniform requirements, setting them up for a big year of school and sport.

The donation removes access to clothing essentials as a barrier to education and was met with a wave of gratitude by students, many of whom return to the House without appropriate footwear due to a lack of access to shoe stores in their remote communities.

NRL Cowboys House General Manager Rochelle Jones said INTERSPORT’s support plays a vital role in ensuring students are prepared right from day one.


“As our students head off to school, it’s important that they’re able to turn up with the right uniform, the correct shoes and all the tools necessary to start learning,” she said.


“For many of our students, access to brand new footwear is a luxury, and each day we see their gratitude as they tie up their laces and head off to school.

“Arriving at school with the correct footwear helps students to fit in, removes any shame in not having the correct uniform and ensures they have the right support to prevent discomfort and potential injuries caused by an active teenage lifestyle.

“The generosity of this donation from INTERSPORT Townsville equips our students to hit the ground running, but also ensures they’ll be able to take part in any extra-curricular activities such as sport.”

For some students, the pride they take in their new shoes was evidenced by the fact they didn’t need to get fitted again this year, having taken good care of those donated by INTERSPORT in 2021.

INTERSPORT Townsville’s Greg Fazel said they had previously supplied training shoes to Cowboys coaching staff, so being involved in the development of NRL Cowboys House students through supplying school shoes is a “no-brainer.”

“School is probably more demanding than sport on shoes. Kids wear their shoes all day, every day, so the right shoes are paramount,” he said.

“Doing what we do, we find a direct relationship with the success of the Cowboys and hopefully 2022 will be a massively successful and rewarding year.


“We see the joy the students show in receiving their new shoes, and the students are very grateful so we often are acknowledged with a big thanks.”


Those students requiring school shoes were able to select from a catalogue of options in a wide range of colours and styles by quality footwear manufacturers.

The Cowboys Community Foundation thanks INTERSPORT for their ongoing support in improving outcomes for NRL Cowboys House students from 23 remote North Queensland communities.

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