Waanyi JV helps launch student careers

Waanyi Joint Venture plays a key role in helping NRL Cowboys House students launch their careers through the support of two career transitions officers, Antonio Winterstein and Karl Adams.

With a focus on working with individual students to ensure a smooth transition from secondary education into tertiary education or employment, Antonio and Karl help students develop their career aspirations and work with local community stakeholders and employers to identify post-school opportunities.

That support is extended into remote Indigenous communities, with travel to communities to help identify sustainable opportunities for those students with goals to return home to work.

Waanyi Joint Venture’s support follows the 2014-15 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey where 44% of respondents highlighted a need for better career guidance to help secondary students complete year 12 and move into employment or future study.

In partnership with Waanyi Joint Venture, NRL Cowboys House is fulfilling its purpose of empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth for a positive future.

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