Adaptability key in preparation for school year

Adaptability has been a key theme at NRL Cowboys House over the past two years, with the disrupted return to the 2022 school year once again putting staff’s flexibility, versatility and ingenuity to the test.

Despite the start of term 1 being pushed back by two weeks in Queensland, the arrival of more than 100 keen and energised students remains imminent with preparations well on track to ensure their safe return.

For new year seven students, the first week at NRL Cowboys House represents a leap of faith and bravery as they prepare to head off to a new school the following week, using that time to make friends and settle in to new surrounds.

For returning students it’s a return to routine, catching up with House friends and family, school mates and getting stuck in to their studies and extracurricular activities.

To ensure disruption is minimised for students, NRL Cowboys House General Manager Rochelle Jones said operations at NRL Cowboys House are firmly focused on adjusting and preparing for the school year.


NRL Cowboys House Staff have been learning First Aid and CPR skills.

“Staff have been in contact with all families to see how everyone is travelling, how vaccinations are going and if there is anything we can do to support their return,” she said.

“We are working through professional development this week which includes team meetings, COVID safety gear and cleaning, Infection Control Training and our COVID Policy, among general items to better engage, manage and support our students.

“The House is a very quiet place without our students, and we can’t wait to welcome them back with all their energy for the start of the 2022 school year.”

Students who require virtual learning at The House will also be well-equipped for the year with LiteHaus International dropping off 50 laptops as part of their BYOD program in time for term 1.

The personal computers, donated by James Cook University, have been refurbished for student use to ensure kids in remote and regional communities avoid falling foul of the digital divide.


Professional development for NRL Cowboys House staff is helping with preparations for term 1.

Cowboys Community Foundation Director Fiona Pelling said partnerships with values-aligned community supporters will continue to drive positive outcomes for NRL Cowboys House students once the year gets underway.

“We have some very exciting news in the near future with some amazing partners coming on board to support the expansion of our transitions team, with the introduction of a year 13 program,” she said.

“That program includes outreach support resources and the introduction of a tertiary transitions support program that will work with students who have tertiary aspirations through their Cowboys House journey and on their university pathway into the future.

“We are all super excited about welcoming the 2022 cohort, and returning the energy of these crazy, clever and brave kids to the House.”

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