Sue’s satisfaction in giving back

All season, Sue Gardner has been a familiar, friendly face at Cowboys home games, this year taking up the challenge of changing lives through the 50-50 Charity Raffle.

The long-time volunteer is no stranger to members and fans at Queensland Country Bank Stadium helping sell 50-50 tickets, raising money for the Cowboys Community Foundation and sending one lucky patron home very, very happy.

Tickets are sold at each Cowboys home game with half the money raised going toward the Foundation and the other half to a lucky ticket holder.

A member of a local Probus group, Sue was inspired to spend the season helping with fundraising efforts following a visit from NRL Cowboys House General Manager Rochelle Jones.

“She came out and gave us a talk, told us what they do at NRL Cowboys House, and that was really impressive,” she said.

“All our members were very impressed… After that I thought, this really is a worthwhile charity.”

Sue is an avid supporter of both rugby league and the Cowboys and often attended games alongside her late husband.

But following his passing, Sue was looking for a way to keep coming to see the Cowboys play while meeting new people.

“Volunteering is a great way to meet people,” she said.

“When my husband was alive, I followed rugby league and also followed the Cowboys, so I thought this would be good to go and see the Cowboys play and sell tickets to help out.

“It gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction that you’re doing something to give back to the community, and Townsville is a very united community, so I get a real satisfaction in doing that.”

50-50 Charity Raffle volunteers come from a range of diverse backgrounds and for a multitude of reasons, from retirees looking to socialise and connect with others to young professionals with a keen sense of community connectedness.

Volunteering to sell 50-50 tickets allows individuals to meet new people, but can also be beneficial to work, university or social groups who wish to add to their game day experience while enjoying a game with mates.

After running for 50 Cowboys home games, the 50-50 Charity Raffle has raised nearly $200,000.

Volunteers involved in the raffle don’t go home empty handed either, with complimentary game day tickets, behind-the-scenes experiences and exclusive prizes on offer for those who generously give their time.

To volunteer, email your expression of interest to enquiries@cowboysfoundation.org.au.

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