House wellbeing working wonders

A “healthy body, healthy mind” approach has helped NRL Cowboys House students and staff through a term of challenge and change during restrictions.

The House team introduced a focused wellbeing program for the 30 students and staff members on campus for the last half of Term 2, with an emphasis on fitness, nutrition and mental health.

The majority of the 104-strong student cohort remained in community for Term 2, continuing their remote learning program with the support of their schools and the House education team.

With changes to life at the House implemented for COVID-19 safety, General Manager Rochelle Jones wanted to ensure that physical and mental health was a priority.

“We developed a program that kept everyone at the House active and not isolated during restrictions,” Ms Jones said.

“With off-campus activities, sport and excursions limited, it was important that our students still had opportunities to stay fit and unwind from their studies.

“Our staff have worked hard and also been through a lot and we wanted to give them a chance to put their own health first.

“Wellbeing is always a focus at the House but this program will enable us to take it to a new level for our people, and we thank our partners for their support in doing this.”

The program included fitness sessions run by 383 Squadron and House staff, walking Castle Hill and the Strand, some intense table tennis and basketball competitions, and healthy and balanced menus.

Students also continued their work with the in-house Wellbeing team on mobile phone usage, social media and cyber bullying.

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