Looking back – Krystian

If I had one message for all the students at NRL Cowboys House, it would be…

NRL Cowboys House alumnus Krystian Bevan graduated in 2019 and is a first-year electrical apprentice with Ergon Energy, currently working on his trade studies online at home in Mossman through the pandemic.

Career transitions officer Antonio Winterstein, supported by Waanyi Downer, checked in with Krystian on life after the House, reflections on his time there and his message to current and future students.

“I was one of the first NRL Cowboys House boys to graduate.

I arrived at the House in 2017 when it first opened and this was my home for the next 2.5 years.

I didn’t know that my journey would lead me to where I am now but I am so thankful for this.

When I first arrived I went to Kirwan State High, one of the biggest schools in Queensland and it was crazy going from a few hundred to 2,000 students!

I was fortunate enough to see amazing places while I was at the House, places like the Tully rapids and Orpheus Island. I even went to Sydney, one of the most amazing places I have been to!

I wanted to be an electrician so I moved over to Tec-NQ and I graduated from there.

I did a school-based apprenticeship with KLN Electrical and watched Queensland Country Bank Stadium being built while working there.

I was then able to get my dream job at Ergon Energy, thanks to the support from NRL Cowboys House, Tec-NQ & Ergon.

I miss the House heaps since I left and I know all of you there will too. I met some amazing people there and I know it will forever be my second home.

If I had one message to send to everyone there, it would be to never stop chasing your dream and use any opportunity you can to get where you want to go!

I dreamed of working with Ergon and took the opportunities the House gave me – now I’m working here and couldn’t be happier.”

Krystian (aka Binnie)


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