A taste of life in Defence

Mutual learning was the theme of the day when students from NRL Cowboys House visited RAAF Base Townsville earlier this month.

383 Squadron (383SQN) hosted more than 20 young House students, giving them a taste of life in the Australian Defence Force.

After participating in warm-up exercises and a traditional yarning circle, the students proceeded on a tour of the Air Traffic Control Centre and attended a military dog demonstration.

Students also had an insight of 383SQN’s capabilities in an expeditionary airfield environment, including military vehicles and equipment.

Commanding Officer, No.383 Squadron, WGCDR Alan Brown said the visit formed part of 383SQN’s regional Indigenous Engagement Program.

“Our engagements are very focused on two-way conversations, where students are able to learn about the Air Force and the various careers available, and our 383SQN members learn from the students,” WGCDR Brown said.

“The majority of students we engage and talk to through our program are from the Gulf and Cape York, so it is very interesting listening to their stories and understanding their culture.

“When the students first arrived at base we started with ice breaker games and then conducted a yarning circle where we talk about who we are, where we came from and what we would like to do in the future – this enables everyone to learn about each other equally.”

To ensure the students got the most out of the visit, other squadrons got involved to demonstrate the diversity of life in the Air Force.

“2SECFOR conducted a military working dog demonstration and 452SQN took the students for a tour of the Air Traffic Control Tower,” WGCDR Brown said.

“We also showcased our 383SQN capabilities with a Base-X tent set up as an ops room, a tour of the new L121 vehicles, trying on body armour and a camouflage and concealment activity.”

House Parent Desmond Adidi said many of the students on the visit were considering a Defence career.

“The kids just loved the day out at RAAF Base Townsville – it was really fantastic for them,” Mr Adidi said.

“In community there isn’t a lot of choice and they begin to think that’s normal, that there is nothing more, but there’s a big world of opportunity and our young people just need to be shown.

“It was great to hear firsthand from serving Defence Force members about their stories and how they came to be with Defence and made a career out of it.”

For NRL Cowboys House General Manager Rochelle Jones, the day was a great start to an ongoing relationship.

“Our House is all about opening our students’ minds and showing them what’s out there,” Ms Jones said.

“This has given our students the opportunity to participate in leadership and team building activities to enhance their own life skills, while giving them an insight into what the Air Force is all about.

“We’re very grateful to 383SQN for sharing their world with us and are already looking forward to next time.”

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