Be part of the 50-50 Charity Raffle at North Queensland Toyota Cowboys home games at 1300SMILES Stadium – a win/win for a lucky member or fan, and for the Cowboys Community Foundation each game day! 

50-50 is back at Cowboys home games in 2018 – look out for the ticket sellers in their bright green shirts at the gate or around the stadium!


  • 50-50 charity raffle tickets will be on sale throughout 1300SMILES Stadium from roaming staff and charity volunteers dressed in 50-50 green uniforms.
  • Ticket prices: 3 numbers $5; 7 numbers $10; 16 numbers $20; 45 numbers $50; 100 numbers $100
  • Every ticket sold will be electronically recorded and updated on ticket-seller iPads, on the 50-50 website and on the various screens throughout the stadium, so members and fans can monitor the draw and watch the total prize pool grow in real time.
  • Tickets will be available from gates open until 10 minutes into the NRL second half.
  • The winning ticket number will be announced by loudspeaker before the end of the second half of the main game and also published on the Cowboys Community Foundation and 50-50 websites.
  • The total proceeds of all 50-50 tickets sold at each game go into a prize pool, with 50% of the prize pool going to the lucky winner of the random draw (just after NRL half time each game); the remaining 50% will be donated to the Cowboys Community Foundation.


  • Cowboys v Eels, 1300SMILES Stadium, 24/08/2018 (winning ticket #20333) – prize: $1,887.50
  • Cowboys v Broncos, 1300SMILES Stadium, 19/08/18 (winning ticket #40005) – prize: $2,110
  • Cowboys v Knights, 1300SMILES Stadium, 27/07/18 (winning ticket #40112) – prize: $1,402.50
  • Cowboys v Dragons, 1300SMILES Stadium, 21/07/18 (winning ticket #50618) – prize: $2,237.50
  • Cowboys v Warriors, 1300SMILES Stadium, 15/06/18 (winning ticket #40028) – prize: $1,017.50
  • Cowboys v Storm, 1300SMILES Stadium, 25/05/18 (winning ticket #40191) – prize: $1,455
  • Cowboys v Rabbitohs, 1300SMILES Stadium, 19/05/18 (winning ticket #60038) – prize: $1,435
  • Cowboys v Raiders, 1300SMILES Stadium, 28/04/18 (winning ticket #30138) – prize: $2,027.50
  • Cowboys v Titans, 1300SMILES Stadium, 21/04/18 (winning ticket #20138) – prize: $2,015
  • Cowboys v Bulldogs, 1300SMILES Stadium, 14/04/18 (winning ticket #30259) – prize: $2,465
  • Cowboys v Panthers, 1300SMILES Stadium, 29/03/18 (winning ticket #30076) – prize: $1,050
  • Cowboys v Sharks, 1300SMILES Stadium, 9/03/18 (winning ticket #90016) – prize: $3,047.50


• 50-50 Charity Raffle:

Terms and conditions: Ticket sales are only valid for the day they are sold, with sales closing approximately 10 minutes into NRL second half as per stadium clock and the draw will take place before the end of the second half of the NRL game. The winning ticket number will be announced by loudspeaker before the end of the second half of the main game and will be displayed on and Winner will meet coordinators at full time or be contacted the next working day post-game to arrange cash prize delivery. Draw is conducted by the 50-50 Foundation (ABN 92 944 713 763). Licence number: 158466.